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We incorporate the systematic approach of value engineering into our construction projects.

It is said that any construction project must begin with a strong foundation. At Z Construction, LLC, we agree that a strong foundation is essential, but we disagree that the foundation is the starting point. We believe it must begin with care in the design phase. It is only through careful analysis of the project in the planning stage that you can achieve the best results from your investment. We didn’t invent this philosophy, although we are more than happy to incorporate the systematic approach referred to as value engineering into every industrial, retail, and commercial project we undertake in South Carolina. What’s even more important is that we are really good at it!

Value Engineering in South Carolina

The concept of value engineering involves assessing every phase for ways to increase functionality and quality at the same price point or reduce costs without affecting quality. The idea of value engineering came about in the 1940s where it was used successfully by General Electric as an answer to the shortages experienced during WWII. The practice has been incorporated by many industries over the past 80 years, but we oddly do not see it as much in construction as it could be. Yes, there are usually cost control measures put into place to keep a project within budget, but not the in-depth analysis that ensures quality doesn’t suffer at the hand of cost efficiency.

Our goal by utilizing value engineering is to take your projects to the highest level possible. We shine in design-build situations to help you get the most out of every dollar you are spending on your project. We will help find economical solutions that make sense. Reach out today to learn more about our process and what we have to offer.