What is Value Engineering, and Why Does it Matter?

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What is Value Engineering, and Why Does it Matter?If you are considering a commercial construction project, one of the terms you might come across is value engineering. If you find a contractor who is experienced with this process, you are definitely ahead of the game. While some builders talk about how to effectively lower the cost of your build, they don’t necessarily do so from a value engineering standpoint.

So, what does that mean? In simplest terms, value engineering is getting the most worth from every dollar of your investment, not just from a current position, but also in the years ahead. It isn’t just about saving money, but also getting the maximum functionality and quality from each dollar spent. It goes beyond cost control measures and dives into evaluating every decision to be sure that chosen cost reductions won’t adversely affect quality or future budgets.

So, why does value engineering matter? If not already obvious, consider the long-term ramifications of the wrong cost-savings measures being taken. For example, going with an HVAC system that is a few dollars cheaper but won’t last as long or run as efficiently as one that is just a bit more expensive is a decision you could come to regret.

Another example is what has occurred when many builders used drywall imported from China in the early 2000s because it was cost-effective, only to find out it was contaminated and ended up causing serious damage due to released gases in heat and humid environments. They didn’t know it would do that initially, but the extremely low cost might have been a red flag to those who utilized value engineering in the decision process.

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